How to Play Video Games Online While Staying Safe

video games - How to Play Video Games Online While Staying Safe

Online gaming is one of the most popular pastimes today. Online video games are popular among people of all ages and backgrounds. They can play video games with their friends and family and on the computer at work. It’s a fun way for many people to de-stress while still having a nice time. Not only that, but it’s also a key money generator for online gaming corporations.

An online game is a video game played entirely or partially through the Internet or another network. Premium websites, such as Discord servers, promote these games by allowing users to download premium versions of the games or pay the full fee for the full version. The most profitable online premium games include World of Warcraft, Neverwinter Nights, Linea I and II, and Age of Empire. These are only a few examples of popular high-end games among gamers.

Users must first learn how online gaming works before enjoying various online games. The majority of freemium versions have limited functionality and are often boring. Many players seek out free gaming websites that offer various options and games. However, downloading free games and features from an online gaming site can result in the user’s computer system being infected with malware or adware. Many people assume that using a paid online gaming site is a safer alternative.

Online Games for Free

Many websites that provide free online games require players to register or log in to their servers to enjoy the different games and features. This indicates that the gamer’s computer could be infected with adware and unwanted advertisements. Because players have little control over privacy settings in online games, premium features may cause issues. Many gamers are wary of divulging details about their computer and Internet connection speed to strangers. When playing high-quality online games, players may accidentally reveal personal information such as their age and sexual orientation.

Game makers and players are confronted with a new problem with internet gaming. The Internet is a huge and frequently used source of knowledge and expertise that draws many people worldwide. The attraction of online gaming would surely improve as a result of this. Both gamers and developers must deal with several challenges to ensure online gaming safety. As more developers build online games, it becomes increasingly necessary to provide a safe gaming experience for everyone.

Certain issues must be addressed, such as an age-based rating system similar to those seen in store-bought video games. This method allows players to select the age level of the games they can play, making it easier for parents to keep track of what their children are doing online. These methods work well in reducing violent or inappropriate content in online games. Many game developers have already included age rating systems in their works, which minimizes parental concerns while safeguarding both developers and players.

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Using a PC Controller for Gaming

fY3aydSQWYDpsF7LE3GyeZ - Using a PC Controller for Gaming

Getting a good PC controller for your computer isn’t always straightforward. You may assume that buying the cheapest PC controller is the best solution, but you will quickly regret your decision. Various other factors may influence your decision to purchase a PC controller. The bulk of them is concerned about any difficulties that might affect your ability to play the game effectively.

One PC controller, for example, is not suitable for action games or any other real-time or sports games, such as tennis. The Philips Recoil PC controller is a no-no. Although the retractable wire is intriguing, the PC controller is a letdown. The retractable cord reduces the chances of you tripping over it and virtually eliminates the likelihood of it being tangled and causing a tangle. On the other hand, the retractable core is exceedingly thin. This indicates that owing to normal wear and tension. The cable will break spontaneously within a short length of time.

The lack of precision on the analog sticks is the most irritating feature of the Philips Recoil PC controller. The axis does not supply the full force when pressing up in some games. For example, in Final Fantasy XI, you will occasionally walk rather than run when pressing up on the analog axis at full velocity. This can result in you being unable to play Madden and other games detrimental to your gaming experience. This is a relaxing method to unwind after playing various games.

Over time, the analog stick axis may become locked in a slightly right position. This means that in some games, you will constantly be traveling right. In other games where the other analog stick controls the camera view, you may notice that the camera view is always turning.

The PC controller that I use is Microsoft’s XBOX 360 PC controller for PC. I’ve owned it for more than a year, and it has never let me down. So far, I’ve used three Philips Recoil PC controllers. Even when I first received the Philips Recoil PC controller, it began to fail. I anticipated noticing a difference since I acquired a new computer and was no longer running Windows XP. Even on Windows Vista, it does this.

Thankfully, both of these PC controllers are under $20. As a result, you are under no obligation to take my word for it. These controllers would be useful for chilling and relaxing after winning some fun games.

Where Can I Find Low-Cost Online Video Games?

Our lives have become easier as a result of technological advancements. The majority of us can’t envision a world without it. We have grown so accustomed to the assistance of machines that we no longer notice their presence. In today’s environment, technology has essentially become a part of humanity. New and better inventions emerge every day, each better than the previous. When techno gurus toss us another machine capable of achieving so much, most of us are impressed, only to scoff at it when its replacement enters the arena. It has become the norm to expect the electronic world to simplify our lives. You might like to put your strategic talents to the test and play games by following an enjoyable gaming session.

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The finest strategy games for PC

akrales 190201 3192 0240.0 - The finest strategy games for PC

The strategy has kept us engrossed in maps, army lists, and construct orders since the dawn of PC gaming. It’s also one of the most diverse, with everything from diehard grognards to people who want to see Gandhi nuke Montezuma catered for.

You’ll find everything from fast-paced, competitive RTS games to long-lasting 4X romps in this collection. We have a lot of history if you’re interested in learning about it. Is this supposed to be a science fiction story? To be sure, there are a few of them. Quite often, fantasy. We’ve chosen the best game to play right now in the case of the multi-part series. We can feature multiple entries from the same series if we believe they are sufficiently different that you would benefit from playing both.

4th Edition of Europa Universalis

Paradox’s long-running flagship strategy game, which puts you in charge of a nation from the late Middle Ages to the early 1800s, is the ultimate grand strategy game. You decide on the country’s political strategy, intervene in politics, command its armies, and build an empire as its leader.

In Europa Universalis 4, you may start changing history right away. During the Hundred Years’ War, England had the potential to defeat France and establish a vast continental empire. The Iroquois can fight European settlers, constructed ships, and conquered the Old World. It’s huge and active, and it’s only grown in size over time. Even though the simulation can be difficult at times, it’s worth taking a chance and seeing where alt-history takes you.

Any list of the best strategy games would be incomplete without adding Civilization. Our favorite game in the series is now Civilization 6, especially since it includes a couple of expansions. Cities have evolved into massive animals with specialized sections, necessitating the consideration of the future when laying out tiles.

The expansions gave the franchise additional twists, but they didn’t completely alter it. They introduce the concept of the Golden and Dark Ages, with benefits and penalties based on your Civilization’s progress over time and climatic change and natural disasters. It’s a new and exciting Civ.

The Solar Empire’s Sins

The Sins of a Solar Empire spectrum is comparable to that of a 4X strategy game. It is a game about galactic empires that rise, fall and rise again in the span of an afternoon, particularly when their massive capital ships emerge from hyperspace above half-burning worlds. Diplomacy and giant spaceships are both possibilities. Play the Rebellion expansion to inflate your spaceships to ridiculous proportions. It is, however, done in an RTS system.

“Stellaris” is a Latin word that means “star.”

Few movies manage to capture the spirit of intergalactic science fiction. Stellaris enters Room 4X with an “everything and the kitchen sink” mentality. It’s a sci-fi game with elements of EU4, Paradox’s grand strategy game, but set in a universe where robot rebellion coexists alongside aliens residing in black holes. It’s a liberating sandbox where you can direct your species and empire through the stars by tampering with their genetic code, enslaving aliens, or swallowing the galaxy as a ravenous colony of sentient insects, culminating in a plethora of storylines.

Infinite is a legendary game.

Endless Legend: Fantasy 4X illustrates that a good story doesn’t have to be sacrificed to make a good 4X game. Each of the game’s asymmetrical factions has distinct characteristics, and story quests feature some of the best writing in any strategy game. For example, the Broken Lords are vampiric spirits who live in armor and struggle with their lethal existence; the necrophage, on the other hand, is a violent force of nature that seeks to consume, forsaking diplomacy in favor of ultimate conquest. There are 13 factions in total, including expansions, each with its quirks. The apex of faction architecture is reached at this point.

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Games We Love – Emerald City Confidential

tab - Games We Love - Emerald City Confidential

Emerald City Confidential, a point and click adventure that had the ability to connect itself with a quite known book, “The Wizard of Oz”, that meant that it had to reflect a magical aspect and in the sort of a way it did, but not entirely.

In general, the game is interesting and because it is a point-and-click adventure. It means that you must be able to interact with many parts of the environment, generally being small objects and people the main stuff that we interact with. It has many characteristics

Main Character and Title

The title screen introduces us with Petra, the protagonist of the story, a girl that must be prepared for what’s coming next and if you’re a little bit careful with the details you’ll be able to spot many things that would amaze you.

It is called Emerald City for a reason, it tries to blend itself with many green variants as well as colors that combine with it, mainly being Purple/Blue, Yellow, Red, White, and Gray.

ps4 - Games We Love - Emerald City Confidential

Details Make the Difference

In every house that we can visit with Petra, we can realize that there are details everywhere, from the wood details that are found in the ceiling to the paintings that are found on the walls ending on the little details on the floor.

Any place where your eyes can rest there will be something, but there is one thing apart from Petra that will be accompanying you for the whole journey and it is the HUD, that will be filled with items as long that you finish the Quests.

Character Design

The Characters are commonly dressed in formal clothes while others are just simple and in the intent of having an extravagant clothing end up with a weird disaster on them.

The City

As mainly said, most of the city tends to be decorated around green colors and the ones that combine with them, at large scale it can be appreciated as a Metropolis but that isn’t the case everywhere you go.

Looking apart from the main attractions from the city we can go as well to places that resemble more the style of a town with less formal people and humble houses.

The Main Attraction

This game’s main attraction isn’t its music or even its graphics, actually, it is the incredible story that they achieved to create while developing this title, for a point and click adventure it isn’t one for puzzle lovers, to be honest.

This appraised story that I’m naming alongside the representation, the voice acting and all the little details have given this game high qualifications between the players that love the adventure genre.

One indie game can leave such a unique mark in the players that enjoy it, and this isn’t new, this game is one of those where you can fall in love with anything that comes in contact with you during your gameplay.

Some say that the game is ruined because of its simple puzzles, with all that I could appreciate from this game the only thing that I can say is that You should be more open-minded and should stop looking at a weak spot when there are thousands of strong ones.


Emerald City Confidential, a point-and-click adventure that had the ability to connect itself with a quite known book, “The Wizard of Oz”, that meant that it had to reflect a magical aspect and in the sort of a way it did, but not entirely. It is called Emerald City for a reason, it tries to blend itself with many green variants as well as colors that combine with it, mainly being Purple/Blue, Yellow, Red, White, and Gray.

This game’s main attraction isn’t its music or even its graphics, actually, it is the incredible story that they achieved to create while developing this title. One indie game can leave such a unique mark in the players that enjoy it, and this isn’t new, this game is one of those where you can fall in love with anything.

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