Fantasy Picture,main image,of Fairy, and Sorceress, casting spells
Welcome to gallery THREE, here you will see more examples of commissioned illustrations I have done for publishers and Authors, T V, movies, puzzles and more. If you have any questions or comments about my art, please drop me a line, I enjoy hearing from you.

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Viking Raider.
"The Viking Raider"
Mighty Dragon sets the night on fire.
" Night Of The Dragon"
Fantasy painting, of a Sorceress calling forth dragons.
"The Dragon's Spell"
Fantasy Art painting of an exotic fairy.
"Fantasy Fairy Princess"

Mystical Fantasy Art, of a Wizard casting a Spell.
"The Wizard's Tower"
Picture of a magical ice dragon .
"The Ice Dragon"
Fantasy artwork of a Werewolf.
Fantasy image of Mermaids.
"Mermaids Of Aqualainia"
Fantasy art,of Pegasus.

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