Fantasy Picture,main image,of Fairy, and Sorceress, casting spells
"Movies That Steve's Artwork Has Been Featured In.
Steve's artwork is starting to show up in the movies and TV shows. These are some that have been featured so far, starting with Warner Brothers, major movie production, MICHAEL CLAYTON starring GEORGE CLOONEY. Four of Steve's paintings were in this one,"Counter Spell" ,"Scarlet Fog","Dragon Riders"" and"The Thornlings"

Other movie companies Steve has worked with are, REMOTE BROADCASTING Inc. on their upcoming TV series THE BIG C, premiering August 16th 2010 on SHOWTIME. This is what Paul Cheponis a producer for "THE BIG C" had to say about Steve and his artwork. "It was great to receive the pieces in such a quick time frame. With your help I was able to deliver a great set for the designer and director. They were extremely pleased with the set. Steve had nine pieces in this TV show. Counter Spell, Merlin, Von The Nacromancer, The Assassin, Ice Dragon, Dragon Riders, Werewolf, Pilgrimage, Merlin Out Of Time.
Steve also helped on the new movie WIN~WIN A NEW FILM BY TOM MCCARTHY, to be released 2011, by Fox Searchlight Pictures..
These are the SIX artworks that Steve had in WIN-WIN, Von The Nacromancer, The Assassin, Ice Dragon , Dragon Riders, Werewolf, Pilgrimage.
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