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My name is Valentino Atkins and I’m one of the most experienced Fantasy Graphic workers. I have a degree in Graphic Design and specialization in illustrations, in charge of one of the creative areas of the web magazine.

Fantasy Graphic is a project that started approximately more than 3 years ago with a lot of effort gradually integrating a diverse group of professional people in the world of design and video games to grow the page in the content aspect.

With more than 10 people specialized in the world of art and gaming, we try to provide you with the best information content through the website.

We know that the world of video games is very broad; especially being a phenomenon with so much success actually and it’s really innovating in the launching not only of video games but also including virtual reality and other great things.

But in this web magazine, we are dedicated to talking about everything related not only to what would come to be the design and operation of video games but also with a diversity of works and graphic designs and art illustrations.

The page has grown incredibly thanks to the support that many people have given and because they’re interested in the specialized topic of the web page, which is very positive.

Our main objective is to continue providing the best and most accurate information in the most responsible and correct way possible, with interesting topics and relevant facts so that it remains of interest to all of you.