Get to the Ring – 7 Contenders for the 2018’s ‘Game with the Best Graphics’ Title

hand and keyboard - Get to the Ring - 7 Contenders for the 2018's 'Game with the Best Graphics' Title

Games are one precious that will ever be by our side, usually they’re not just qualified only for their graphics, but, this year’s games have been amusing for the eye to see and currently there’s a battle of gods for the Title of “Game with the Best Graphics”.

Here I’ll be sharing thoughts on which games that came out this year deserve to be on the fight for the title of Champion. This will be completely directed to graphics objectivity leaving aside its gameplay.

Battlefield V

FPS, they’ve been with us for a long time leading us to those unique moments with friends and fun, while doing so developers were getting better on texture making, and this year’s battlefield achieved a pretty realistic tone with its Ultra Graphics, almost matching reality itself.

man playing - Get to the Ring - 7 Contenders for the 2018's 'Game with the Best Graphics' Title

Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 is a game that has evolved throughout the years going out with its first release in 2006 and its last one being now this year, and You can appreciate the little changes in details on the flora, animations and the terrain between games making an explosive difference

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

This game in itself is a work of art, all the places that we can go to and the size of the map is something remarkable that can amaze us with its simplicity but at same time majestic map.


I can only say that Subnautica is a game that nailed it on the making; it is a unique experience full of color that you can appreciate between the fishes, the sea and the terrain. I hope you may have enjoyed some. it is a gorgeous game that deserves a super spot in this fight.

spiderman - Get to the Ring - 7 Contenders for the 2018's 'Game with the Best Graphics' Title

Spider-Man (2018)

An honorable mention, enjoyed by many that remembered the original Arachnid style and didn’t expect this game on this year; it is great for all the web-slinging effects and all the detail put over the Spiderman suit and the city.

Far Cry 5

This one was a must have on this list, because it achieved realism in such a beautiful way, all the rivers, all the mountains, and the rocks, reflections, gases, places, animations, vehicles, even clouds, all the variety was appreciated.

God of War (2018)

2018 had a lot of great games, and not only story but also graphics stood out for God of War, in this case, most of the details were centered in Kratos and Atreus but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t details put into the terrain and the different bosses faced by our gods.

playstation - Get to the Ring - 7 Contenders for the 2018's 'Game with the Best Graphics' Title

In general, all of those 7 games had great development and were big hits, in my opinion, and those are the ones who deserve to be given a spot at the ring for the Title of “Game of the best graphics” of 2018.

Most of them did a great job not only at Graphics but in soundtrack and Gameplay, some may have a special relationship with one of these mentioned games and if you haven’t tried them yet here’s your chance.

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